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Empowering parents to support their children’s healthy development brings strong returns to our entire community: healthy, happy adults who are ready to learn and succeed for a lifetime.

Bright by Text relies on community support to serve families nationwide. Your contribution ensures that our programs are provided free-of-charge to any parent or caregiver of a young child. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering Bright by Text to organizations across the country to help them connect families to direct resources and the latest information in their community.

The newest research from Nobel Laureate and Economics Professor James Heckman finds that every dollar spent on high-quality, birth-to-five programs for disadvantaged children delivers a 13% per annum return on investment. This research analyzed a wide variety of life outcomes, such as health, crime, income, IQ and schooling. 

Bright by Text is committed to transparency so donors can make an informed decision when giving. If you'd like to see our most recent Form 990, please visit our Guidestar profile.