Prenatal Parenting Tips By Text


Babies don't come with instructions. But our expert tips, timed to your due date come close. Our messages are for anyone getting ready to welcome a baby: parents-to-be, grandparents-to-be, babysitters, aunts/uncles, neighbors, friends, and more. It takes a village!

Bright by Text can help!

We send free messages with helpful tips on how to care for yourself and your baby during pregnancy - and continue the support once they arrive! We share essential guidance in the early days - like how to soothe a crying baby - and continue to send brain-building tips, sanity - savers, bonding activities, and much more as your child grows.

Signing up is simple.

We only ask for your child's due date ( which you can update once your bundle of joy arrives) and your zip code. That way, you'll get messages timed to their exact age and information about events and resources near your home. We will never share your info! Bright by Text is completely free, but message and data rates may apply.

Because kids don't come with instructions.